• Vermiwash is an ecofriendly natural fertilizer prepared from biodegradable organic wastes and is free from chemical inputs.
  • Vermiwash helps to develops resistance against various diseases & pests in plants.i It helps in initiating good flowering and produce good yield in some vegetable crops.
  • Suitable for all crops, fruiting plants, flowering plants and vegetables.It is ideal for Home, kitchen and terrace garden and can be sprayed on all types of plants and field crops.
  • Vermiwash is a liquid fertilizer & reported that at 20-30% dilution inhibts the mycelial growth of pathogenic fungi.
  • Vermiwash is a complete plant food which enhances the quality and provides a natural aroma to the produce.
  • Vermiwash contains high microbe content which prevent plants from infections.

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Extraction of Vermiwash:

Vermiwash Extracted from the vermiwash collecting device. The drops of water made the upper surface with different layer of sand,dung, and concentrate mixture wet & moist. Earthworm starting decomposing the dung present in the container and water sprinkle on the upper layer passes through the dung decomposed by the earthworm.


Suha Argonic Vermiwash is a brown colored Liquid Fertilizer, which is collected after the water passes by a worm culture column. Vermicompost have high micro & macronutrients, plant hormones to give a healthy development of crops.

Vermiwash contains:

  • The high amount of enzymes & amino acids
  • Heterotrophic bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes including nitrogen fixers, phosphate solubilizers.
  • Vermiwash significantly improved soil physico chemical properties comparison to unamended soil.
  • Soluble Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash.
  • Vitamins and hormones like Cytokinins, auxins, and gibberellins etc.


ways of uses

Foliar Spray:

Vermiwash is diluted 10 times with water and sprayed on the crops. Vermiwash can also be mixed with cow urine and can be used as bio-pesticide. 1 Ltr of vermiwash mixed with 1 ltr of cow urine and then diluted with 8 ltrs of water.

Root dip or stem dip :

The solution wants to be diluted 5 times with water and seedlings of the plants are dipped in solution for 15 to 20 minutes before transplantation.

Soil drench:

Vermiwash is diluted 10 times with water and drenched to the crops. Minimum 5 liters per acre per month.


soil 2

spray plant

Root Growth

It promotes better root growth and nutrient absorption. It improves nutrient status of soil-both macro-nutrients and micro- nutrients. It can also be added to compost pits to hasten the degradation process. Vermiwash is the coelomic fluid extraction, which have enzymes, which stimulate the growth and yield of crops.

Soil Mix

It increases the number of micro-organisms in the soil which helps in decomposing soil organic matter.

Benefits :

It is an organic growth and immunity booster in plants.

It is high microbes content which prevents plants from infection.

It can also be added to compost pit to hasten the degradation process.


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