Suha Agronic Services

Vermicomposting Production Consultancy

The crop residual and dairy animal and other waste Farm produce can be converted into the highly nutritive organic manure with help of earth worms.   

Our expert will assist you in 

  • Selection of site for Vermicompost production. 
  • Selection of right breed of earthworms. 
  • Selection of bio waste for Vermicompost production. 
  • How to prepare the bio waste as raw material for Vermicompost production. 
  • Erection of structure for vermicomposting production.
  • Preparation of beds. 
  • Rearing of earth worm. 
  • Separation and collection of Vermicompost. 
  • Climatic conditions control for Vermicompost production.  

Dairy Farming Consultancy

  • Layout and designing of shed to achieve topmost comfort.
  • Assisting in selection of advanced equipment and their installation.
  • Ration formulations for getting optimal yield at minimal cost.
  • Fodder production, procurement, processing and conservation.
  • Assisting in selection of higher genetic animals.
  • Planning the feeding, breeding and management of dairy farm.
  • Assisting in raw material procurement for the cattle feed plant.
  • Assisting in commissioning of the project and ensuring seamless working of the project.
  • Assisting in selection and training of manpower.