About SuhaAgronic

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Organic Products and Services.

Suha Agronic is an ISO certified company. Company started their manufacturing since 2007, catering to the requirements of Agricultural, Horticulture, Floriculture, and Landscaping. Company registered in a year 2020. We are located at Ozar, Junnar, Pune.

A young entrepreneur started production of vermicomposting in 2007 in 2000 sqft area. Till 2018 unit had produced almost 100 ton of vermicompost annually.

In 2018 he has started thinking to manufacturing of all organic inputs to agriculture sector. We visited many manufacturing units. Discussed with many doctors and experts. We took many trials of our final product and then found perfect recipe.

Now we have vermicompost, vermiwash, phosphocompost, all types of bacteria, activated EM solutions etc. in our product list. We committed to achieving high quality standards in manufacturing and supplying Organic Fertilizers to our chosen markets. Our ethical business policies has helped us in catering to the needs of our clients from all over the India.

Our vision is to ensure Health of soil and finally crop. Our aim is to replace maximum possible chemical inputs in agriculture by organic sustainable inputs and to reduce production cost by providing cost effective organic farming inputs.

Our Vision

To be leading organic inputs provider company delivering cost effective and innovative organic solutions for enriching and protecting soil health.

Our Mission

To protect and improve soil health and thus help farmer to achieve above average long-term productivity in agriculture.

Our Team

Santosh Sahane

Involved in many scientific research, related to organic and sustainable inputs to agriculture. He has effectively worked and contributed to the growth of people through his scientific research and founded many cost effective organic inputs/products in agriculture.

Yogesh B. Yadav

He is Motivation, Empowering and effective communicator to create positive changes in organic farming and produce measurable results. He has effectively worked and contributed to the growth of people through training and coaching about organic farming and soil test based crop recommendations to different crops.

Sachin Dhamdhere

Farm Production and Management, certificate course from Pennstate College of Agriculture. Cattle Dairy Farming Consultant - Freelance Involved in many large herd cattle dairy farming related activities like nutrition, farm protocols, training of manpower, audit of farm etc. Involved in all types of organic inputs to get organic milk and processing of dung and urine.

Nitin Dhamdhere

A young dynamic professional with more than 15 years of experience in automation, a leader with vision. Always focused on quality of the product.

Shobha Dhamdhere

Proprietor and Production head Suha Agronic She is a motivation to formulate the organic products which is need of the agriculture industry.


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