The term vermiculture mainly refers to the scientific process of cultivating worms to decompose organic food wastes into a nutrient-rich material.

Vermiculture means artificial rearing or cultivation of worms (Earthworms) and the technology is the scientific process of using them for the betterment of human beings. Vermicompost is the excreta of earthworm, which is rich in humus.


Most worm farms raise  main types of earthworm is Eisenia fetida. These worms are commonly used to produce vermicompost. They are referred to by a variety of common names, including red worms, red wigglers, and manure worms.

How to identify Eisenia Fetida Earthworm

They are two to five inches in length

They are Reddish Brown In colour

They have Stripes or rings of different shades

They have a bulging area on their body called the clitellum

They can secrete a yellowish liquid with a foul smell to word off predators

They often have a yellowish Tipped Tail

They stays close to the surface of the top soil

Vermiculture is the process of using earthworms to decompose organic food waste into a nutrient-rich substance capable of giving vital nutrients and sustaining plant growth. The goal is to keep increasing the number of worms in order to have a sustainable crop


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